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Last Updated: 6/1/2022
Site Author/Photos: John Pappas
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Photo Album

Here is a collection of random photos of John, T'Adelphia, various friends and relatives, and other interesting things from over the years. We'll be adding more as time goes on.

Paula, John, George, and Jim

1980s: Paula, John, George and Jim pose for a photo.

Paula, John, and Stathi on March 25

1999: Paula, John, and Stathi play for March 25 in San Francisco.

Paula, John, and Stathi on March 25

1999: Another view of the same.

John, Jim, and George Gazis

1970s: John, Jim, and George Gazis.

John Roussos

1976: John Roussos with his santouri at the Smithsonian.

Bouzoukia by Spourdalakis

2006: Various bouzoukia at Spourdalakis' shop in Piraeus, Greece.

John with his Bouzouki by Spourdalakis

2006: John with his new Spourdalakis bouzouki.

Jim's new Lavouto

2006: Jim plays his new lavouto while John plays klarino. Athens, Greece.

John with friends in Skyros

2006: John (right) sings Skyrian songs with friends Vangelio (left) and Ahilleas (middle) in Skyros.

John, Paula, and Aliki Lambrou in Skyros

2006: John, Paula, and Aliki Lambrou in Skyros.

John in his new vest

2006: John's new foustanella, from Arkadia.

John with Floyera, Kyparissia

1971: John plays a homemade floyera in Kyparissia.

Tsilis Kalomiris

1966: Tsilis and Kalomiris with daouli.

John dances at El Cid

1961: John dances Tsamikos at El Cid, San Francisco. John Kaplanis is on bouzouki.

George, Easter

2005: George Doukas during our Greek Easter celebration.

John, Easter>

2005: John plays klarino during our Greek Easter celebration.

Jim, John, Stathin in 2002

Jim, John, and Stathi in 2002: Playing an Irish waltz.

Jim with lavouto

Jim and his lavouto.

John and Stathi

John and Stathi play karamoudzes at Saint Basil Greek Orthodox Church.

Stathi with Violin

Stathi and his violin.

Ioannis, Iordanis, Jim!

John, Iordanis Tsomides, and Jim in 1969.

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